Sunday, November 16, 2008

Solution to Parking Problems

I remember when I was still working; some of my colleagues who brought their cars at work often complained how they had to go to work earlier than most people in order to secure a good parking space in the building. There were vacant lots used for temporary parking near our building but the security was not dependable. Parking inside the building was always the safer choice. Despite the high parking fees, many of my colleagues still brought their own cars at work. I guess I was thankful that I lived near the office. It was cheaper taking a cab to work compared to bringing a car and spending money on gas and parking.

Condominium unit owners also have problems with parking. There are limited parking areas in most condominiums and these slots are often quite expensive. It’s often a predicament for condominium owners to maintain more than one car because of the amount of money required for parking.

I found out that in other countries, like London in particular, there are many parking spaces for rent. Renting private parking spaces or Rent Garages has become a great solution to many car owners in London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, and other UK towns and cities.

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