Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hubby's Birthday Celebration

Thank you to everyone who left birthday greetings for my hubby. My family appreciates all your kind comments. We went out yesterday to celebrate hubby's special day. We had lunch at T.G.I. Friday's then we watched Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. We did some shopping too. I bought hubby a new badminton racket and hubby bought me new shoes. Exchange gift? Ha ha! Yohan insisted that we eat at McDonald's for dinner so he can get more Madagascar toys. Hubby and I couldn't say no. Here are some photos I would like to share with everyone.

Happy to see Optimus Prime outside the restaurant.

I think everyone loves to have more of this. :)

Yohan patiently waiting for his order.

Yohan's Chicken Fingers. Two guests joined us at our table. :)

Hubby's big and juicy burger.

My Chicken Mushroom Chicken.
We had to skip ordering tempting desserts because Yohan has cough.

Yohan with birthday celebrant.

Yohan's movie pick.
Hubby and I will just watch Quantum of Solace next time.

L-R: Moto Moto, Gloria, Melman, Alex, Marty, Skipper and Julien.
One more to make it complete (Mason Monkey).

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