Thursday, November 20, 2008

Earn A Little Extra Cash

What do you love doing? Is there something you're particularly good at? Why not make the most of your free time earning extra money out of things you enjoy doing? Think about it and start earning some extra cash. You might find one of the suggestions below interesting.

  • Make use of your love for photography by taking photos of special events. Start with small events like kiddie parties.
  • If you have a great fashion sense and love shopping, you can apply as a personal shopper.
  • Offer tutoring jobs on a subject you excel in (e.g. history, algebra, trigonometry, chemistry, etc.)
  • If you love animals, like dogs for example, you can apply for a part time job at the groomer's. You can also "baby sit" the dog of a friend who will be going on a trip.
  • Are you good in drawing or painting? Then you can consider giving weekend art classes to a group of kids.
  • Organize a special event (e.g. birthday parties, weddings, anniversary parties) for relatives and friends.

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