Tuesday, August 03, 2010

How To Make a Cupcake Tower

For our son's recent birthday celebration, hubby made a simple 3-tier cupcake tower from scratch. It was fun and relatively easy to do. Even the birthday boy helped out.

Interested to make your DIY cupcake tower? Here are the materials and simple steps.

You will need: 
2 large Styrofoam boards
2 even sized Styrofoam squares
ruler or measuring tape
decorative paper (or fabric)
long and thin wooden stick (BBQ stick can be used)


1. Cut 3 Styrofoam squares measuring: *8x8, 10x10 and 12x12. Use a ruler or measuring tape to get precise measurements. Use a marker when making measurements so you can easily cut the proportions using a cutter.

2. Cover the Styrofoam boards and squares with decorative paper or fabric. For paper, you can use craft glue. For fabric, it is better to use glue gun.

3. Connect the pieces using wooden sticks. You also have the option to glue them permanently.

4. Clean the surface of the tiers. You can gently wipe the decorative paper or fabric with paper towel. Arrange the cupcakes starting from the last level going up.


* You can also use round Styrofoam boards or ready made cake boards measuring: 1×8″, 1×10″, 1×12″. Replace Styrofoam squares with cylinders.

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Eds said...

uhmmm...yummy cupcakes!

thanks for sharing this rachel. i'll mark this one coz soon magagamit ko to.

grechie said...

galing naman....san na kaya yung chocolate cupcakes ko. hehehe!!! i'm asking jules kasi eh. hehehe!!!

sheng said...

My idea of cupcakes now is "Choco Tops"

kg said...

wow! nice tips ha. most cupcake towers are so expensive! haven't baked in a while, but will keep this in mind when i need "presentation." :)

escape said...

thanks for sharing. all i can do is to eat a cupcake but ill show this to my mother.

Ibyang said...

good on your husband for creating a pretty cupcake tower. the cupcakes look yummy too!

jeanny said...

wow galing. Will bookmark this one rach. Thanks for sharing :)

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

wow ang galeng naman Rach!

Mauie Flores said...

Thanks for sharing! Sakto, I'm planning to make a cupcake tower pa naman for my folks' kiddie party themed 60th birthday, hehehe.

kia said...

Brilliant idea! :) I don't think I have ever ate a cupcake, but they seems soooooooo yummy! Have a lovely day, Rach! Hugs!

auntpearl said...

Sounds like a wonderful idea. Thanks so much for sharing.

Hope you are doing well.

Anonymous said...


witsandnuts said...

Thanks for sharing this. Going to be very helpful!

Photoblogger said...

YEY! now i know how to make a cupcake tower, the only problem is....I don't know how to make cupcakes >_<

CrAzY Working Mom said...

Nice job! It looks awesome. :)

Mela said...

wow how nice it is to make a cake for your child on his/her b-day. ang galing!

AiDiSan said...

hi ms. rachel,

thank you so much for sharing your idea in making cupcake tower. now you don't have to spend so much to make birthday parties more fun. this is really great!

thanks again:)

Elaine Santos said...

Thanks for this idea. Magagamit ko ito sa upcoming birthday ng 2yr old baby boy ko. :) I will send a virtual invite! ;)