Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sweet as Honey

Once a upon a time, a little bee was born to a bee couple. They were very happy and named him Honey. He was welcomed by the colony with open wings. Cute as a button, Honey was everyone's favorite.

Honey was a late flyer but everyone encouraged him to keep on trying. One day he just flew on his own and everyone was delighted.

He is one high spirited young bee, flying here and there. Older bees found his non-stop buzzing amuzing. Honey is very sweet and loved by many.

Daddy and Mommy bee love him dearly. They give him all the nectar they could possibly give to make sure he is always happy and healthy.

Recently, he started going to bee classes where he met bees of the same age. His bee teachers said Honey is a fast learner and sweet as can be.

Mom and Dad bee want to see him enjoy life and reach his full potential.

Note: Photos taken at Picture Co. Alabang when Yohan was 1 year old.

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