Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Laiya Beach Trip

Last April 21, 2009 my family and I went to Laiya, San Juan Batangas. We like going to that beach because it's just a two-hour drive from our place.

It was raining hard on our way to the beach. I couldn't cancel the reservation so we pushed through with our beach trip despite the weather. In the car, I told my son, Yohan to pray for some sunshine. Surprisingly, the rain began to subside and the sun began to shine as we reached San Juan Batangas.

We had an overnight stay at a small resort called Sigayan Beach Resort, where we also went last August 2008. In March 2007, we stayed at Balai Resort.

We spent the night at the cottage called Halaan 1 (Sigayan Resort Resort). Halaan is the local term for clam as evident by the painting on the wall. The cottage has 2 air conditioned rooms and 1 private bathroom. One bedroom has one double bed and one double deck and the other has one double deck. It has a small veranda that comes with a refrigerator, hot and cold water dispenser with one 5-gallon purified water and gas stove. The place is good for 6-8 people.

We were thankful that the sun was out when we arrived at the beach. Mount Lobo makes a beautiful backdrop.

My son didn't waste time and hurriedly went to play in the sand. He loves playing in the sand more than swimming. He brought his sand toys, toy truck and some plastic sea animals to complete the scene. :)

I thought we escaped the rain but towards the late afternoon, the dark clouds began to form. We were at the beach when the rain poured hard. It was a memorable moment because it was Yohan's first real bath under the rain. When he was younger, he experienced a little rain but this time it was the real thing. I wished I had a water proof camera with me to document it.

Last year, I wrote our names on the sand but this year, I decided to use pebbles that I gathered from the beach. I started with Yohan's name but I have to admit I got tired of looking for more pebbles and didn't push through making my name and hubby's name. Ha ha!

We spent the night at the resort. The weather improved the following day. Hubby and I had a wonderful time snorkeling while Yohan stayed with Yaya and our other helper. We all had a great time and we hope to go there again soon.

Planning to go to Laiya Batangas?

Here's a list of websites of some resorts in Laiya (arranged alphabetically):

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Heart of Rachel said...

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oh yohan, si yohan ba ito?
2 or 3 mos. hindi ako naka visit dito...
laki na nya?....nabigla ako,
he´s going to be a Man-Mancho.....
nabigla ako.....
hugs to Yohan ha......
ganda ng beach house, nice..........

Everything looks fabulous! Even the gloomy clouds. Yohan looks like he's having lots of fun =D
-Alice Teh

What fun! Sarap mag vacation!

Such a lovely place for a vacation! I like the cosy little cottage. :)

Oh, Rach, your beach trip sounds great!!! Your pics are so beautiful! :)
Sorry to hear that the rainy season has come early in the Philippines this year.

Thanks for the links! Helpful!

wow, ang ganda pa din sa Laiya! Been there too pero forgot ko which resort ung napuntahan namin, year ago pa kasi un.

bkit kasi umuulan e summer no?
pero khit cloudy, mukhang nag-enjoy si Yohan! :)

I'm glad that the sun decided to show up albeit even for a few sunny minutes.

Nice photos and I love those pebbles you used to spell out your son's name on the beach :)

Gorgeous pictures and only two hours away? Lucky.
-Maria@Conversations with Moms

What a beautiful beach! I can tell you had a good time despite the rain.
-Cascia @ Healthy Moms

you were rewarded with a beach without the sun. so cool! i really like that beach though we stayed at la luz resort which is on the other tip of the shoreline.

snorkeling is definitely a good experience there.
-dong ho

Nice shoes of Yohan!

thank god for the good weather. ;)
photos look amazing :)

The beach looks beautiful!
And Yohan - ang laki na talaga!
Thanks again for sharing info about this resort and the others. i'm still planning my family's beach trip. :)

Looks fun and it was a wonderful experience to have both the rains and the sun come during your stay :)