Friday, April 17, 2009

Aloha Friday #65

Rules: Post any question on your blog on a Friday, share your answer and sign Kailani's Mr. Linky. Then have fun answering the questions of fellow participants by visiting their blogs.

What movie are you looking forward to?

My son is a big fan of the movie Night At The Museum. We have a DVD copy of it and I can't remember how many times I've watched the movie with him. Yohan is very excited to watch Night At The Museum 2. He is very curious about the new characters. I'm looking forward to watching it with him.

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Heart of Rachel said...

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I heard that one is a really good movie.

my kids love the first one! can't wait to see part 2.

Ooooh I didn't know there's a second one coming soon. Thanks for the heads-up, Rachel!
-Alice Teh

I'm also excited to see this one. And I would really really want to go to the Museum of National History one day!

I'm also eyeing Angels and Demons.

im sure this movie will be as fun. im also looking forward to transformers 2 and wolverine.
-dong ho

Oh, we are too!!! Tyler LOVES the first one. We watch it all of the time. He calls it the "dum dum movie". Since you've watched it you know why. :)
-CrAzY Working Mom

I'm a fan too. Lahat yata ng movie ni Ben stiller type ko hehehe

I heard it was a really good film. I should let B watch it as well ...

Star Trek, Harry Potter, Night @ the Museum, Transformers & something else that I can't remember since it's almost 1 am & I'm tired from walking all over the big city!

I like that movie too! Don't know that they are going to have 2nd part as well. must be fun.... ;)

I enjoyed that movie and also can't wait for the 2nd part.

I am waiting for The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button to be available on Netflix.
-Janet F

I'm hearing rumors about another SITC movie. It's not so much the movie as it is going with with my gal pals to see it :)

I am waiting for 3 movies. The next National Treasure, the next Bourne and the next Hulk, Iron man sequel.

I usually do not go to the theaters to see movies, but I might for one or all of these. Probably not the regular movie complexes though, it will be the dollar movie, which is $1.50 in my closest town.

Thanks for asking.


I did not know there was going to be a #2...I will look forward to that one too..Fun movie..Sandy

17 Again and Ice Age 3
-Pamela Kramer

I'm really looking forward to the new Star Trek movie!!! I know... I'm such a nerd. lol

My son can't wait for this movie either. He is also looking forward to Ice Age, the Dionosar one.

I watched the first episode too. Cant wait for the 2nd part :):)