Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend Snapshot #69

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Easter Egg Hunt

Hope you had a wonderful Easter celebration. My SIL and I prepared an Easter egg hunt for the kids. I bought half a dozen of oversized plastic Easter eggs and stuffed them with small toys and sweet treats. My SIL prepared 4 trays (40 eggs in total) of small plastic Easter eggs with ready made treats inside. The eggs were hidden all around my MIL's lawn and the kids had fun searching for them. Yohan's youngest cousin, Sofie was the first one to find the first Easter egg. Below are some photos of the fun Easter egg hunt.

Over sized plastic Easter eggs.
You can see the size difference of the plastic and the real egg.

Sweet bunny lollipops.

Three cute caterpillars.

The Easter goodies.

I got one.

One more here.

Showing off their Easter eggs.

Yohan and his cousins with their Easter goodies.

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Heart of Rachel said...

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belated happy easter. i just had a consecutive trip from the south to the north. im now catching up. hehehe...
-dong ho

What a beautiful Easter!

Hi Rachel! I also love egg hunting during Easter Sunday when I was a child. My aunts and uncles will also hide some hard boiled eggs in the gardens and they gave us prizes when we find the eggs. It's nice to know that you also perform this yearly tradition for your kids.
Have a nice day and God Bless!

Yohan looks really happy, haha! It would be so nice to have a mom like you, and a grandma like your MIL.

Look at all those amazing goodies. The kids look like they had a great time. Love the gardens as well:)

Wow you guys were really prepared for Easter. All those goodies made me want some.
-Maria@Conversations with Moms

Those are huge eggs! Whose got the most?

@Ebie: Yohan's cousin, Tisha got the most number of Easter eggs.

happy easter!!! i'm sure yohan had fun egg-hunting... :)

Wow what a sweet treat for the kids!! =)

Happy Easter!

How fun! We still do egg hunts and my kids are all in their teens. lol.

Yohan had a wonderful evident by his wonderful smile!

Looks like everyone had fun. Pretty colors too :)

great moment you have there
-Blogger Rise

Easter is so much fun. And Yohan has the coolest shirt ever! SPONGEBOB!!!!!!!

What fun!
-Alice Teh

Such vibrant colors of Easter :D
-teczcape - an escape to food

Looks like a great haul! :o)

I am sure they will remember those days their whole life !

Ciao Rachel, I'm so glad to see you had a lovely Easter and "Pasquetta" (Easter Monday). Lovely photos, thanks for sharing! What a great idea filling the eggs up. :) Can I be little again and play too? :lol: An Easter eggs hunt sounds such a fun! :) Have a lovely day! Hugs!

that looks like lots of fun! too bad we didn't have time to go egg hunting this year, even at home. i really have too much on my hand right now.

kids love's like Christmas in April.:D
-luna miranda

So much fun for kids. I'm sure fun for adults too.

Must be fun and adventurous to go for the egg hunt! ;)

So much Easter goodies. My boys will definitely love it but too bad we don't celebrate the occasion ;p

Ang saya naman!

What a wonderful Easter Bunny Eggs hunt and how great to see the children had so much fun!

We do it outdoors too - out in the Norwegian woods :-)

wow. happy easter. I love chocolates and candy bars. ang saya naman ng easter nyo.

you can easily fit 3 malllows (my favorite!) in those oversized Easter Eggs! hahaha!

what a great idea filling the eggs up. ill have to remember that for next year lol

hope you had some good family time :)

What a fun way to celebrate Easter! Happy Easter to you and your family, Rach! :)

hi rachel! i'm new to blogging and my sister actually told me to check out your blog site. pretty cool! i love the easter egg hunt that you've posted! i'll be sure to follow your blog site. hope you can visit mine too. of course it doesn't have a lot yet. just started days ago. happy easter! =)
-beth moreno

Looks like that had a wonderful time, searching the gardens. Enjoy your day.