Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Snapshot #70

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Smile Good Enough To Eat

Yohan was thrilled to see a cute smiling face on his plate for breakfast ...

You could tell from Yohan's eyes that he just woke up. :)

BreadTalk's JJ Baby - chocolate filled smile.

My favorite - BreadTalk's Cheese Floss

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Heart of Rachel said...

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looks yummy!

That little smiley face is almost too cute to eat!

that's soooo cute Rach!! :) and looks yummy too :)

cheese floss is also my fave from bread talk.

napasmile back ako sa bread ni Yohan hahahah

thats a lovely piece of bread! i want to bite the smiley face too!

cute boy and surely cute bread there :D
-Blogger Rise

Delicious! And cute too. :D
-Alice Teh

That's cute--I'm sure he enjoyed his breakfast.

aah...what a great mommy to serve Bread Talk for breakfast!! We love Bread Talk too here. Btw, isn't that chicken floss, i don't think there's cheese inside.

wow! who wouldnt be surprised!? that's cute. those are the mornings that he wont forget.

those cute eyes definitely comes from the mom. he really looks like you.
-dong ho

That bread is so cute! Yohan might feel it is too cute to be eaten. :)

Yohan is all smiles because the luscious bread is smiling at him, too! Good morning Yohan! Have a great week, Rach!

Both smiles looks great - thanks for sharing :-)

The floss bread is my favourite! Yum Yum!

cute naman ng bread n ayan, pag yan ang kinain mo first thing in th emorning,parang he'll give you all the reason to smile all day!

yohan looks bigger and taller... bet it's because you feed him so well... :)

That would be a great way to wake up for me too. It looks delicious.
-Maria@Conversations with Moms

That bread will make anyone smile!
It will be nice if I can have that to eat now..I'm starving at 1145pm now! LOL
-Napaboaniya APAD

I love Breadtalk as well. Their breads are really good.

I often breadtalk,lapitlang kasi sa ofc. Love their cheese floss. :)

aww...i want one too! haha! that's so cute!

Yohan's smile is so bautiful, Rach! You have an adorable son! :) Big hugs and thanks for the bday wishes! 8)

Cool! He had a smile to wake up to then...he looks like that made him very happy! :)

Your little one looks so wonderful! Beautiful face! And what a cute idea to have smiley bread!

Gday Rachel, Even Yohans just got out of bed his smile brightens the day. and his Bread looks so Yummy

I love Breadtalk! Each time I get to Manila, I buy their bread and the last one pic you have here is my fave :D.

My WS is here

Gravatar yummy smile!:D
-luna miranda

Oooh looks yummy!
I gave you an award, check out my blog! =)

Ooooh, there was a time I got addicted to bread talk too. Yohan is so adrable! Have a great week, rach!
-sassy mom

Where did you buy that Rach? I think they are great treats for kiddies.
Nice shots!
Happy MOnday!

I would have the Biggest Smile if I can see that waiting for me to eat for breakky!!!! Looks Yum and Fun,,, mine is here kids.html

have a good day

Bread is too cute to be eaten!