Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day to all! I just got back from the beach with my family. We stayed overnight at the beach resort. I really had a great time. My son, Yohan enjoyed playing in the sand while hubby and I went snorkeling. I saw a lot of beautiful fish but sadly I saw something else ... a discarded junk food foil pack. Unfortunately, it was too deep for me to retrieve. I feel sad knowing that some people are so irresponsible when it comes to trash. The sea is not a garbage disposal. I hope that people will learn to care more for the environment before it's too late.

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Heart of Rachel said...

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Oh I hate those irresponsible people! How can some be so uncaring of the environment that they don't discard their garbage properly? In the city this is a common sight but in a beach resort? Haaaay....

that's a bad finding. i just hope that people living along the shore should be responsible or should guard their area.

visitors should as well learn to be aware of what it can do.
-dong ho

There are still people who would throw trash at their convenience, not sparing a thought for those who would pick up after them and what their actions might do to the environment.

Such irresponsible people. I think, education should start at home.

The ministry of education should be take this issue of how treat the trash very seriously I think, from early childhood education institution... That's the best beginning for better generation.

hi rachel, happy earth day to you too... it's a pity that we complain so much about the weird weather when in fact it's because of our own doing that this is happening... i hope we learn our lesson well before it's too late... :)

Happy Earth Day, Rachel!

That is sad to hear ... I wish people would care about the earth more.

some people are so lazy to look for trash cans for their garbage.

I agree. It's too bad that you saw garbage on the bottom of the ocean. Happy Earth Day!
-Cascia @ Healthy Moms

Just popped in to see how you are doing. :) Have a sunny and happy Earth Day, dear Rachel! :)