Saturday, April 04, 2009

Photo Hunt :: Stripes

Come and join the hunt here

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Heart of Rachel said...

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Nice handwriting.

Love your handwriting, rach! That's a cute clip. Have a blessed week!
-sassy mom

That is one cute memo clip! Love it!

so cute indeed
-Blogger Rise

That is so cute! Teach me how to make the zebra.

Ugh. It has been w-a-y too many days since I've been over here. Please accept my apologies!

Your post is so very clever! I will scroll down a bit and see what Yohan has been up to!
-Amazing Gracie

nice, very nice clip... meron pa ba kaya niyan sa NBS...

Not really late but yeah, this post wasn't here when I visited yesterday around noon :D

Happy Easter Sunday!

This is sweet!

Very cute post. It is never too late to share.

What a great idea for this post Rachel. I love it. Happy weekend to you.

it is still saturday so you are not late. =) thats a very cute zebra Rach.

Did you make this helpful zebra? Great shot!
My stripes are here.

What an adorable holder and perfect for the theme.

what a cute little zebra! MY Stripes

What a cute note holder! Happy weekend!
-jams O Donnell

that is a cute take on the hunt.
-sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

Awww that's cute!

Cute post for stripes! :)
Mine is up too!
Have a great weekend!

awww.. this is sweet and cute!

Might be late... but sure is cute... pretty stripes!