Friday, May 25, 2007

Yohanism #9

#1 - Funny how Yohan can sometimes think of an excuse not to finish his food ...

Me: Yohan, please finish your food so you'll be strong and healthy.
Yohan: I'm full mommy. (I thought otherwise. He wanted to continue watching Bob the Builder.)
Me: You have to finish everything on your plate so you'll grow tall.
Yohan: I might bump my head there (pointing to the roof).

#2 - Discovering something new ...

Yohan: Ate (referring to our maid) got the white thing like an umbrella with a stick on it.
Me: Oh, you mean the mushroom from the garden.
Yohan: Yes, the mushroom. I don't want Ate to get it! (He was somehow upset that our maid removed it from the garden.)

#3 - Yohan heard the word "loser" from one of the cartoons he was watching and I heard him mimick it before. I told him not to say it because it's a bad word. Then one time he came to me saying ...

Yohan: Daddy said a bad word.
Me: What bad word?
Yohan: He said "loser". Naughty Daddy.

I didn't want Yohan to know how funny the situation was. I asked his Dad to 'apologize' infront of Yohan and promise not to say it again. Jules and I had a good laugh when Yohan wasn't looking.

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