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Lasang Pinoy 18 :: An Invitation from Toni

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Toni of Wifely Steps is hosting Lasang Pinoy 18: Oh my Gulay! According to Toni, "Lasang Pinoy was created to promote Filipino food." She invited me to share some interesting vegetable stories, experiences and dishes.

Here are some of my personal stories about certain vegetables and simple dishes that I would like to share ...

LABANOS (Raddish)
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My mom told me that when she was pregnant with me, she always craved for ensaladang labanos. Filipinos refer to this food craving during pregnancy as paglilihi. Here is a very simple recipe of ensaladang labanos based on how my mom did it.

Ensaladang Labanos


3 pcs. labanos
2 pcs. tomatoes
1/2 onion


1. Wash and peel labanos (raddish). Cut diagonally into thin slices (circular).
2. Put salt and squeeze bitter juice out.
3. Wash and squeeze dry.
4. Put in a bowl. Add thinly sliced tomatoes and onions.
5. Add vinegar, salt and sugar.

Ironically, I don't eat labanos (raddish). I don't like the smell of ensaladang labanos. This dish, however, fondly reminds me of my mom because it's one of her favorite side dishes.

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When we were young, my mom and yaya (nanny) would mix okra seeds with our rice to make eating faster. They said, my brother and I took so long to finish our meals and the okra seeds mixed in our rice helped us swallow our food faster. Thus, ever since we were children, my brother and I would cut our okra in the middle to get the seeds out. We never ate the outer okra. Relatives and friends would find our okra-eating-habit amuzing.

Would you believe it was only several months ago when I learned to eat a whole okra? My sister-in-law planted okra in her garden. She gave us some freshly picked okra and convinced me to try eating the whole thing. I did. Amazing how crunchy fresh okra could be. With some bagoong (shrimp paste), I realized blanched okra could be quite tasty.

Now, I eat okra just like everybody else. I still have to convince my brother though. :)

PATANI (Lima Beans)
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I'm familiar with the name Patani because of the Flipino song Bahay Kubo but I have never tried it when I was young. I tasted it for the first time when my mother-in-law cooked some for lunch. My husband also cooks it from time to time. Patani is widely available in the Philippine market during months of June to August. Let me share with you the recipe of Patani with Sotanghon.

Patani with Sotanghon


2 cups patani (lima beans)
1 cup tomatoes diced
1/4 cup sliced onions
1 cup minced pork
5 cups chicken broth
2 tbsps. garlic chopped
250 grams sotanghon
salt & pepper to taste
kuchay (young garlic shoots) chopped

1. Saute onions, garlic and tomatoes. Add minced pork. Wait until golden brown.
2. Mix the patani (lima beans).
3. Add chicken broth.
4. Put sotanghon, salt and pepper.
5. Bring to a boil.
6. Once patani (lima beans) are cooked, add chopped young garlic shoots.

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