Friday, May 04, 2007

Just Because Package

I went to pick up a small package a few weeks ago and I was delighted to find the following ... nice shirts and some caps for my son, Yohan. The package came from my parents. It's a Just Because package. I'm so lucky to have thoughtful parents.

Funny, how I would sometimes say to my husband, I'll go shopping for Yohan's clothes upstairs. Why you may ask upstairs? I have a box full of Yohan's new clothes from my parents and brother. They would often send me clothes several sizes bigger and I would keep them in that box until Yohan can use them. The biggest set of clothes in that box is for a 12-yr old ... and Yohan is just 3 years old right now. :) The box contains assorted t-shirts, sweaters, polo shirts, pants and caps.

I also got these evening bags as an early Mother's Day present. My mom found out I didn't have a bag to match my new dress so she sent me these. I should be sending her a Mother's Day gift and not the other way around. I made a personalized card for her for Mother's Day.

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