Friday, May 11, 2007

Tagged :: 7 Deadly Sins

I've been tagged by Bongga Mom to do the 7 Deadly Sins meme. This meme made me ponder and I think it is the most challenging one I have encountered so far.

Below is my list of "deadly sins". They are not exactly sins per se but I think they will suffice for this interesting meme.

1. Lust - I flip through the pages of FHM. I like GIRL EMERGENCY. A page of suggested gifts that a guy could give to a girl when he needs to make up for something he has done which has upsetted her in some way.

2. Gluttony - I could devour many slices of Becky's blueberry cheesecake if I don't mentally control myself.

3. Greed - I onced maxed out my gold card and I almost died from the interest. A hard lesson learned. Credit card companies love sending me pre-approved cards. Before I couldn't resist but now I don't think twice about cutting them in half.

4. Sloth - I have a mountain high of papers (mostly statement of accounts, payment receipts) that need to be filed. My mom has always been so organized. A trait I didn't seem to inherit.

5. Wrath - I get easily high strung when someone does something that offends my family.

6. Envy - I envy those beautiful girls with flawless skin and slim bodies.

7. Pride - There was a time I could go on days and weeks not talking to someone because of a certain disagreement. But now, I don't like to end the day with something heavy in the air left unsettled.

Interested to do a version of it? Go on and let me know so I could visit your list.

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