Thursday, May 31, 2007

Marian Offering

Our village hosted an Alay kay Maria - Santacruzan yesterday. The event was organized by resident volunteers including my husband, Jules. The event is a lovely tradition that expresses Catholic Filipinos’ love and devotion for Mother Mary. The celebration started with a mass followed by the Sta. Cruzan.

It was raining the whole afternoon. Organizers were already thinking that the procession could not go through due to the rain. After the mass, the rain subsided into a drizzle but it was amazing that once the image of Our Lady was out of the venue (village clubhouse), the rain disappeared completely. It was as if someone above just turned off the rain to give way to the procession. It was a nice blessing. Children in lovely colorful gowns took part in a procession around the village followed by the image of our Lady.

After the Sta. Cruzan was the Marian offering. Children showered Our Lady with beautiful flowers including floral letters forming the words AVE MARIA.

Yohan saw the girls holding the letters and he told me, "Mommy, I want a white letter too." I told him that only girls carried the letters. He also noticed a few girls wearing tiaras (form of crowns). He asked me, "Are they princesses?" I haven't answered his question yet when he added, "I want to be prince." :)

After the Marian celebration, food and drinks were served to everyone. It was a successful event and I'm so proud of my husband and his fellow organizers for doing a wonderful job.

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