Thursday, May 17, 2007

Yohanism #8

Yohan was due for his flu shot last week. I talked him through it and he seemed okay with it. When it was our turn to see the pediatrician, he walked inside Dr. Silva's clinic and announced ...

Yohan: I don't like injection. I don't like injection.
Doctor: How about a check-up?
Yohan: Ok.

He seemed fine as the doctor checked his breathing and so on. Then when the doctor started putting alcohol on a piece of cotton ball, Yohan got agitated. He knew it was coming! We tried to calm him down but he started shouting ...

Yohan: I don't like injection!!!

Oh my, his voice could be heard outside the clinic. Jules and I had to hold him down while the doctor administered the flu shot. Yohan was so angry and he started crying. I tried to console him and explain that it was for his own good but he was too upset with everyone in the room. He wouldn't stop crying even as we got into the car. I promised him ice-cream earlier so I bought him a sundae at Jollibee. That somehow calmed him down. With tears still rolling down his face, he ate his ice-cream.

It was lunch time when we got home. After having lunch, it didn't take long before he took a nap. He must have been exhausted. After his nap in the late afternoon, I let him play with his clay while I was on the computer. He was playing merrily and then all of a sudden he started crying and said ...

Yohan: The doctor is so naughty!
Me: Why did you say that?
Yohan: He hurt me!

Then he continued to cry. I guess the earlier events suddenly came to his mind and made him upset again. I felt so sorry for what he experienced that day but the flu shot was for his own good. Dr. Silva has been his doctor since he was born and he is so gentle and kind to him. I tried to explain that the doctor is his friend and he just gave him a shot to protect him from getting sick.

Yohan is due for a vaccination in August and I'm afraid it will be a little difficult to bring him to the clinic this time. How do you prepare your child for a vaccination? I would appreciate some suggestions for Yohan's next visit to the doctor. Thanks.

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