Sunday, May 27, 2007

Recipe for New Friendship (Pinoy Moms Network)

I had a wonderful lunch with fellow bloggers from Pinoy Moms Network yesterday (May 26, 2007) at Swiss Deli and Bistro. It was my very first EB and it was an overall delightful experience. I was so happy to meet some of the mommy bloggers. Everyone was so warm and friendly that I immediately felt comfortable and at ease.

Recipe for New Friendship

Start with a wonderful mixture of 12 lovely moms.
Combine a dozen servings of smiles and laughter.
Add heaping measures of warmth and kindness.
Plus generous portions of fascination and delight.
Then sprinkle with promising common goals.
With a touch of anticipation and excitement.
Stir in together until everything is well blended.
Then you have a friendship cake with sweet
and colorful icing.

(Standing L-R): me, Lynn, Noemi, Connie, Dine, Chats (back),
Feng (with son Nico), Cess, Julie, Lisa (with son Lex)
(Sitting L-R): Jane, Salen

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