Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Summer Dip

Oh my, I visited a few blog friends just a while ago and I realized I may have said happy weekend to some. I'm sorry if you were one of them. I can't believe I'm stuck with the feeling that today is a Friday when in fact, it's the wee hours on a Tuesday morning. Funny how my mind has been suspended in time.

Anyway, here are some latest photos of Yohan ...

The trouble with general cleaning is forgetting where I've placed some things ...

When Jules asked me where the old inflattable pool was, I couldn't remember exactly where I put it. So I started looking in several storage areas. I first found the orange inflattable pool (see upper left hand photo). It turned out to be the small inflattable pool that Yohan used when he was a baby. I continued looking and luck finally struck after several minutes of rummaging through stuff.

Jules inflatted the pool for our lil' boy. Yohan was delighted when we allowed him to help fill the pool with water. I think he enjoyed that part as much as he did swimming.

Another summer dip ... this time at our own backyard.

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