Sunday, October 09, 2011

Yohanism #39

Yohan asked me the following questions ...

Yohan: "What's your favorite mammal?"
Me: "dog"

Yohan: "What's your favorite amphibian?"
Me: "frog"

Yohan: "What's your favorite reptile?"
Me: "lizard"

Yohan: "What's your favorite bird?"
Me: "eagle"

Yohan: "What's your favorite fish?"
Me: "clown fish"

Yohan: "What's your favorite insect?"
Me: "butterfly"

I was in the mood to return the questions ... 

Me: "What's your favorite mammal?"
Yohan: "platypus"

Me: "What's your favorite amphibian?"
Yohan: "axelotle"

Me: "What's your favorite reptile?"
Yohan: "komodo dragon"

Me: "What's your favorite bird?"
Yohan: "condor"

Me: "What's your favorite fish?"
Yohan: "aligator gar"

Me: "What's your favorite insect?"
Yohan: "praying mantis"

After hearing his answers, I have to admit, I don't know what some of those creatures look like. ha!ha!

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escape said...

same here. nose bleed yung iba.

Anonymous said...

Haha, this is so cute! Kids nowadays are so sophisticated!

Dea said...

Haha, this is so cute! Kids nowadays are so sophisticated!

grechie said...

hahaha! it so nice to read your blog again and to be honest ndi ko din kilala yung ibang animals na binanggit niya...if i know he wants to make an impression sa yo. hehehe!

Unknown said...

I had to google axelotle hahaha ...

louann said...

Right? haha. What in the world is an axelotle!? haha.

Alice said...

This is cute! Yohan's animals are very interesting. :D

Heart of Rachel said...

@dong ho: ha!ha!

@dea: So true! Kids nowadays are such wide readers.

@grech: I really miss blogging. I hope i can sustain it.

@louann: ha!ha! I had to Google it. It's such a weird looking creature.

@alice: Thanks! I've never heard of the other animals he mentioned so Google to the rescue. :)

Julie said...

"axelotle" ?! I had to Google that :D

nettecf26 said...

hi, first time to drop on your blog. nice posts!

Lifecruiser Travel said...

Wonderful answers! Sometimes kids impress me BIG. We could learn from them as much as they can learn from us, for sure. Just in different subjects and situations!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What intelligent answers he has! :) Does he watch Nat Geo a lot or own an encyclopedia?

Mitchteryosa said...

Hi sis! It's been a while...

Ako din, ang nagets ko lang "dragon" hahaha!

Anonymous said...

i had to google axelotl too! haha!

Kia said...

Ciao Rachel, I've been trying to leave a msg so many times, but it won't "stick" :(
Hope you and your family are fine and happy, and ready for the holidays!
Your sun is always a delight! :)
Take care, a big hug your way :D

Heart of Rachel said...

@Burksy: ha!ha! It looks strange, right?

@Kia: Sorry you had a hard time leaving a message. Thanks for not giving up. :) Wishing you and Zeno a great New Year!