Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Godfather At Five

A few weeks ago, Yohan's former Nursery teacher approached me in school. Teacher R asked me if it was alright if she gets Yohan to be one of the godparents of her son. I was quite surprised because I've never heard of young children becoming godparents. Teacher R said that Yohan has always been very special to her because of his sweet nature. Teacher R recounts how touched she was when she (while she was pregnant) received a card from Yohan wishing her a safe delivery. She said that she and her husband chose a few special people to become their son's godparents.

I said yes to her request, knowing that Yohan would be thrilled to be a ninong (Filipino term for godfather). I think it's an honor that my son has touched the heart of his teacher.

Below is a photo of the Christian dedication of Teacher R's son. The people standing up are the chosen godparents. As you can see, Yohan is the youngest in the group. :) Yohan is now a godfather at the age of five.

Marco's Dedication (January 20, 2009)

This is Yohan's gift for his godchild. Another photo below shows how it would look like if opened.

Yohan's gift for Marco.

It's a 2-in Tomy Walker Bike. It starts out as a walker with easy grip handlebars featuring cute play objects. It's perfect for those steady first steps. As the child grows older, the walker can easily be transformed into a Push Bike with a tow-along trailer. We hope Marco will enjoy it.

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