Friday, November 28, 2008

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"Let's volt in!" This is the famous line of Voltes V, a famous Japanese anime when I was young. I remember how my brother and I looked forward to this English-dubbed anime series on TV. My hubby was also a great fan of Voltes V when he was a kid. He continues to be a big fan until now.

Voltes V

Last year, hubby bought a CD compilation of Voltes V episodes and our son, Yohan enjoyed watching it with him. I was initially concerned about the violent scenes where Voltes V battles with Bozanian monsters but I couldn't stop Yohan from watching it. He was hooked from the start.

Below is Yohan's very own Voltes V action figure made of die cast metal. It was given to him by his Uncle Keats on his last birthday. Yohan was so happy when he opened the present and hubby was equally delighted because he has always wanted one when he was a child.

Yohan's Voltes V

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