Thursday, June 19, 2008

School Service Drama

Everyday the same girl cries because the other girls don’t want her to sit near them or join their game. Yet everyday she insists on sitting at the back with them. Two boys of the same age appear to be the best of friends but constant badgering often triggers a high strung emotion which ignites a misunderstanding. There’s peace and quiet at first then halfway through the ride going to school, a pandemonium erupts. The school service becomes enveloped in an atmosphere of children shouting, fighting and crying. I sit in the front with Yohan so it’s hard for me to control the chaos. I’m just thankful that Yohan falls asleep during the ride so he does not witness the commotion. The driver tries hard to become the arbiter when conflicts arise.

Today I talked to one of the kids. She’s around six years old. I heard her say, “Ayan na ang mga matataba!” (Here comes the fat ones). Kids can be so blunt at times. She was referring to the two tall and big built high school students. I told her and a few others to refrain from saying those things because they could hurt the feelings of the two high school boys. She did as I requested and didn’t say those hurtful words anymore. Instead she said, “Kasya kaya tayo?” (Will we all fit?) . I just rolled my eyes and vowed to gently talk to her next time about her choice of words.

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