Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Element of Water is a Good Stress Reliever

Stress is a common problem of many people nowadays. We are bombarded with all kinds of worries each day and sometimes our bodies need some outlet to relieve the stress. We all need to give our bodies time to relax and replenish lost energy.

There are many ways to relieve the body from stress. For me, the element of water is a great way to alleviate stress. A long bath can already help the body relax. After a long day, I make it a point to rest a little before taking a shower. The cascading water from the shower has its way of helping the body relax. Our shower has a jet stream feature which is very soothing to the tired muscles. Sometimes, I even light some scented candles and it’s like having your own little spa at home. My favorite scent is jasmine. Aside from the typical scented candles, I also have an oil lamp where you put a few drops of jasmine oil scent. I put a tea light candle under and as the jasmine oil heats; the fragrance explodes in the air. It’s a light and wonderful aroma that makes you want to close your eyes and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

I would like to have a bathtub added to one of our bathrooms. I like the style of a claw foot tub. When we had our house built a few years ago, we weren’t able to consider putting bathtubs to the upper and lower bathrooms. Lounging in the bathtub is a lovely treat for me. Whenever we’re in a hotel during a vacation, I always take advantage of the bathtub. Whirlpool tubs are one of the nice perks that some hotels offer. I like staying long in the bathtub because I love bubble baths. I prefer scented bubble baths. The wonderful smell helps my body and mind relax. I guess it’s one way of stressing the power of aromatic therapy.

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