Thursday, June 26, 2008

iTunes Tagging

Music is all about melody, harmony and rhythm. For me, music is personal because people have different tastes when it comes to music. I like slow and soothing music and I also enjoy some upbeat tunes. Others may like my choice of music while they are some who have totally different music preferences.

I love listening to the radio and I often develop some favorites on the airwaves. Did you know that now you can actually tag a favorite song over the radio and buy it? I probably caught your interest and you would like to know how. Using an iTunes Tagging enabled high definition radio receiver, you can simply press the "tag" button which will enable you to save song information to your iPod®. When you sync your iPod® to your computer, you will see a playlist called "Tagged" in iTunes. It is an amazing music feature that allows you to buy the songs that you like directly from the Apple® iTunes Music Store. Check out HDRadio and discover new radio stations and start tagging your favorite songs.

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