Sunday, June 22, 2008

Protection From Carnapping

There has been an alarming increase in car napping in the country. Carnapping is one of the most prevalent cases of organized crime. There are a significant number of carnapping incidents reported to the police. Most of the cases involve new vehicles like cars, SUVs and vans. Reports of carnapping happen in parking lots, residential areas and middle class subdivisions. Lack of police visibility, inadequate street lighting, lack of security measures are among the reasons for the increase in carnapping incidents. According to some resources, carnapped vehicles are often sold by falsifying documents. In some cases, the vehicles are dismantled and sold part by part making it impossible to retrieve the stolen vehicle.

Protect your vehicle from being stolen by parking your vehicle in well lighted areas. Make sure that the area has a security guard. If you want to have the best protection for your vehicle, you can install a real time GPS Vehicle Tracking device. Real time GPS is a tracking device that you can use to monitor the exact location of your vehicle which requires a monthly subscription.

The Tracking Key is another form of GPS but it does not require a monthly subscription. It is a small and easily concealable form of passive GPS tracking system that you can conveniently put in your vehicle. It has a strong magnet which enables you to put it under the vehicle and it is even water resistant. The GPS data can easily be viewed using Google Earth.

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