Sunday, June 08, 2008

Maximize Every Space at Home

When you have a small house, it’s always advisable to use every space of the house wisely. For example, instead of putting electric stand fans or desk fans in each room of the house, you can consider buying ceiling fans instead. Regular electric stand fans and desk fans can take up considerable room in the house. If you want to have more free area at home, it’s a good decision to replace those bulky electric fans. Ceiling fans are great space savers. Some even have lights which can replace your typical ceiling lights.

Choosing lighting for your house can influence the atmosphere in your home. I remember when I visited my Uncle’s house recently; I immediately noticed his lovely forecast lighting. It illuminated the house beautifully. It made me interested in looking at different kinds of forecast lighting at showrooms. In the near future, we plan to extend our house which includes enclosing the lanai and converting it into a new dining room. We also plan of extending our small kitchen. I think it would be nice to have new forecast lighting for the new dining room. For the kitchen, my husband and I would like to retain the long granite counter top with an additional island counter top. We also would like to install under cabinet lighting for the kitchen.

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