Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Envision Your Dream House

The primary purpose of a house is for shelter. A house becomes more than a place of dwelling when the people living inside the house learns to value and care for it. It becomes a home once you see it as a happy place you would like to go to at the end of the day.

Are you living in your own house? If you are, do you consider it as your dream home? I'm happy with our home but I still have a vision of a dream house. A particular part of my dream house that I would like to center on is the bathroom. I have always dreamed of spacious Bathrooms. I once saw a bathroom suite in a showroom and I fell in love with its classic elegance. It was a huge bathroom with beautiful travertine square tiles. It had a modern jet shower system and an amazing whirlpool bath. It had his and hers bathroom sinks. All of its bathroom accessories were solid brass and not the usual plastic accessories you normally find at home stores. It also had specific storage for all bathroom paraphernalia like extra towels, toilet rolls and cleaning products making it look very neat and organized.

There’s nothing wrong in envisioning your dream house as long as you remember that the most important thing about the home is filling it with happy memories.

** Post courtesty of Better Bathrooms. **

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