Thursday, June 19, 2008

Quinceanera, Celebrating 15 Years

In the United States, sweet sixteen is considered a a popular birthday celebration. When a girl turns sixteen, her family usually gives her a nice birthday party to celebrate her coming of age. One of the things anticipated by someone turning sixteen is the privilege of getting a driver's license.

In many Spanish and Latin American cultures, girls turning fifteen are given an important birthday celebration called Quinceanera. The Quinceanera has an interesting history. It began as a blended tradition between the Spanish conquerors and native people in Mexico. The two cultures blended the traditions and ceremonies with aspects of religion.

The Quinceanera Celebration or sometimes referred to as Quince Anos is celebrated in a special and memorable way from other birthdays. It's often a huge gathering of family and close friends. Tremendous effort is put to make a girl's fifteenth birthday as special as possible. Elaborate food preparations, souvenirs and a beautiful dress are among the important aspects of the big party. The family of the celebrant often helps in choosing the ideal and perfect dress for the celebration. There is a great site where you can find many beautiful Quinceanera Dresses to choose from. The site also offers a variety of lovely Quinceanera Invitations to make your birthday worth remembering.

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