Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Maximize Your Condominium Space

Several weeks ago I visited my friend's place. She just got married a few month months ago. She and her husband moved to their own condominium right after they got married. Their unit was still in the finishing touches at that time. It was only recently that my friend invited me to see her condominium unit and I love what she and her husband did to the place. I admire how they have fully maximized the small space of the condominium. I was surprised when I found out that they did not hire the services of a professional designer. I was impressed that they did everything on their own. They said that there place is a product of their combined ideas, creativity and efforts.

I find my friend’s place very nice and cozy. It’s ideal for a newly married couple. It’s a two-bedroom unit. I like the soft colors on the walls and lovely paintings. Even though it’s small compared to a regular house, it doesn’t look crowded and cramped because of its minimalist design. I love the living room because there are huge pillows in the middle where you can comfortably sit while watching television.

They have a small but very organized kitchen. They have a lovely kitchen granite counter top where my friend usually prepares food for cooking. There are four kitchen bar stools in that area because my friend told me that it’s her family’s favorite spot to have breakfast and snacks. This area is also perfect spot for friends to have some cocktails. In fact, it’s where we and a couple of other friends sat down on counter stools and enjoyed some drinks and a nice chat. I think those discount bar stools are ideal space savers because they can be conveniently kept under the kitchen counter top when not in use. Regular chairs can be quite big and bulky and will take up a lot of space.

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