Friday, June 27, 2008

A Fine Handyman at Home

Hubby can do various small repairs around the house. He is a fine handyman to have at home. Before calling professional repair service for a particular task, hubby always tries to fix the problem first. He didn't have any formal training but he just developed his skill through self education and practice.

As a child, he had always been curious about how things functioned. He told me how he was so intrigued about how some of his toys operated. His curiosity would often result to a dismantled toy. He took delight in taking mechanical toys apart to see what's inside. There was always an attempt to put the toys together again. He succeeded in putting some toys back the way they were while some became total wrecks. I guess my husband's mechanical aptitude today is a result of his toy dismantling days when he was young.

My husband has a lot of different tools at home. Sometimes my father sends him different quality tools from the States. Among the quality tools he received are a mechanical screwdriver, electric drill, set of drill bits and an
Oil Filter Wrench. Several years ago I gave him a nice large tool box to accommodate most of his tools. We also had a customized wooden cabinet made for his other tools and materials. My husband enjoys going to builder's centers and specialty shops to look at new equipment, tools and building materials.

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