Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wednesday Heavy Downpour

The rain was pouring hard this morning. I woke up at 4 am as usual. After taking a bath and getting dressed, I looked at my sleeping son and hesitated to wake him up. I listened to the radio for a while hoping classes was suspended but there was no announcement from The Dept. of Education so I woke up Yohan for his morning routine.

We didn't ride with the school service today. Jules drove us to school because he had badminton training near Yohan's school. We were on the road when I heard the suspension of classes in NCR. We're not part of NCR so Yohan had regular classes despite the heavy downpour. If he didn't have a scheduled exam, I would have let him skip class today.

I feel sorry for all the students who had to go to school despite the terrible weather for nothing. The annoucement from Dep Ed came too late. Students were already on their way to school. They should have announced it several hours earlier. As usual people pointed fingers. Dep Ed said it was the responsibility of the mayors to make the annoucement in their respective areas. Late announcements such as this one have always been a problem. When I was young, I experienced countless times that I went to school only to find out classes were suspended. Announcements were always late. Apparently, the system hasn't changed over the years.

After long hours of continuous rain, many areas in Manila are flooded. Good thing, Dep Ed learned from today's mistake and announced earlier this evening that classes are suspended tom in NCR.

I know many moms who will have a lot of free time to go bloghopping tom. :) As for me, I need to go to bed in a few minutes because Yohan has regular classes tom.

Before I go to sleep, let me share this lovely message I received from my friend today:

On a hot day in a village, all the people decided to pray for rain to come. Everybody came to church but only one boy brought an umbrella. That is what you call FAITH. All things are possible in HIS time.

Keep the faith! May you have a blessed day ahead.

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