Friday, August 31, 2007

Cocktail of Happy Thoughts

1. I had a wonderful opportunity to meet Filipina blog friends, Jo and Liz for the second time last Saturday at Glorietta. It was very nice of Jo to spend time with me and Liz (despite her busy and hectic schedule) before heading back to Canada.

It's been a pleasure meeting both of you. I really enjoyed our lovely chat. Liz, thanks for sharing the nice window of opportunity in blogging. I'm excited to give it a try. Jo, thank you for the lovely dinner and delicious dessert at Friday's. I'm grateful for all the lovely gifts.

2. I received another Nice Matters Award. This time it's from Mike of Mike's Homefront. I'm touched that he has thought of me for this award even though we've only known each other just recently. Mike's thoughtful words about me ...
Rachel Heart of Rachel, as she is known around Blogdenville, is one of the sweetest people I have come across here. Her comments are very kind and very uplifting. I know she already has a Nice Matters Award but she is so nice she deserves another one.

Thank you Mike! I really appreciate your kind words.

Mike has a very interesting site with fun, entertaining and insightful weekly features. My favorite is Mikie's Friday Funbags where he features a portion of a photograph and lets his readers guess what it is. The first one who guesses it correctly wins a nice personalized badge.

3. I'm very happy for my best friend, Chary and Jules' cousin, Nina for passing the June 2007 nursing board exam. I know they invested a lot of time and effort in their studies and made a lot of sacrifices. I'm glad everything was worth it.

I know you have to study for another big exam. Good luck to both of you! I know you can do it.

4. My Auntie Josie is here for a vacation. It's been so many years since her last visit. I was in my early teens when she left for the States. It was wonderful to see her again. We spent an afternoon reminscing about the old days and catching up with recent events in our lives.

5. My friend, Cora, gave me freshly baked chocolate chip cookies (Vegan version). I was surprised to learn that she didn't use any eggs in her recipe. I love the chewy consistency of the cookies she made.

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