Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Moon - A Lost Opportunity

As a child, I remember how fascinated I was watching a lunar eclipse for the first time. It was funny how my nanny told me of the story that the moon was being eaten by an invisible giant snake. Being so young, I thought it was true until I learned about eclipse in school.

I heard that there was going to be a total lunar eclipse tonight and it was going to be visible in the Philippines. I even took note of the time the eclipse was supposed to start (6:08 PM) and end (7:22 PM).

After eating an early dinner, I asked my husband to accompany me outside. The sky was covered with clouds and couldn't see the moon and the stars. We went to the village clubhouse (located at a high point) hoping to see a glimpse of the moon but there was none. The sky was heavily cloaked. I was a little disappointed.

According to the news, people from Luzon, Philippines failed to see the eclipse tonight because of cloudy skies brought about by the rain. Other areas in the country were lucky.

The next visible total lunar eclipse (with totality visible here locally is concerned) will be on June 15, 2011. Between this eclipse till the June 15, 2011 will be some partial and penumbral lunar eclipses only. source

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