Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Heads or Tails #1

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Skittles is hosting a new meme called Heads or Tails. This week's theme is Luck.

A stone accidentally hit our window when someone from the village maintainance team was cutting the grass outside.

Apparently, the blade of the grass cutter hit a stone which caused it to act like a projectile. The stone hit our window, penetrating the screen and landed on the floor of our living room.

We were lucky because nobody was in that area when it happened. You could see the rock on the picture (I put a dime beside it to give you an idea of its size). This kind of rock, which had a pointed side is big enough to cause injury especially at that kind of speed.

I feel lucky and blessed that no one in my family got hurt. When I saw the huge hole in our window screen, I was thankful that my son was upstairs when it happened.

I called the village engineer to report the incident. He immediately went to our house with the person responsible for the accident. I asked about the cost of repair. When I found out that the cost will be deducted from the man's salary, I decided not to pursue it. I just told them to be extra careful next time and to make precautionary measures to avoid a repeat incident.

I'm happy and thankful that God has spared the people in our house from getting hurt.

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