Saturday, October 11, 2008

Watching DVDs On A Lazy Afternoon

I spent the afternoon watching some DVDs with the family. We decided to watch some movies that we've already seen before. We don't mind watching movies more than once. Yohan had the first pick and he chose Charlotte's Web. It's a movie based on the classic story of Wilbur the pig and how he learned about the importance of true friendship, loyalty, trust and sacrifice. Next movie we watched was Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I find it amazing how Harrison Ford can still appear so fit and cool onscreen despite his age.

I think Harrison Ford is a great actor. One of his movies that I truly enjoyed was The Fugitive. It's a story of a distinguished surgeon named Dr. Richard Kimble who was set-up for the murder of his wife. He was convicted and sentenced to death but he and other inmates were able to escape when the bus they were riding to prison had an accident. There was a wide inmate search headed by Samuel Gerard, a U.S. Marshal. It's an exciting movie from start to finish.

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