Sunday, October 12, 2008

Memorable Moments on Video

Photos are great keepsakes of memorable moments. I have many photos that I cherish and I continue to collect pictures of memorable events through the years. I have many old photo albums and hundreds of digital files that mean so much to me. Pictures are treasures of the heart but videos are twice as wonderful because you could capture the moment live. Videos make happy moments seem timeless. You could watch that special time again and again. It is just reliving every memorable second whenever you please. I have a number of videos of family gatherings and special occasions that I watch from time to time.

Just earlier I was watching a video of a weather forecaster's live TV proposal to his girlfriend (a news anchorwoman). I could just imagine the number of people that man had to coordinate with to make that live TV proposal possible. It was such a sweet moment that the couple, their family, friends and TV viewers would never forget. It was a touching scene. It's amazing how someone in love can think of many wonderful ways to express his feelings.

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