Monday, October 20, 2008

Fun Family Activities

The common components of family gatherings are great food, wonderful company and fun activities.

What activities do you enjoy doing during family gatherings?

Aside from eating and chatting, here are some of our favorite family activities ...

Playing Billiard
s - My brother-in-law has his own billiard table at his house. Whenever he hosts family gatherings at his place, he brings out the Pool Cues for the billiard games. Yohan enjoys watching his Dad and uncles play billiards. He loves helping them set up the balls in the rack.

Videoke - Many members in the family love singing that's why videoke has become a favorite past time. Yohan loves singing too. His favorite videoke song is I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing.

Card Games - My hubby and his cousins enjoy different kinds of card games. My brother-in-law even had a poker table customized for their card games.

Watching DVDs - Watching movies is another fun activity especially when there's popcorn. :)

Kiddie Indoor Games - The kids enjoy variety of indoor games like playing PSP, PlayStation and board games. I usually bring some books, activity books, puzzles and toys for Yohan whenever we go to family gatherings.

Kiddie Outdoor Games - The kids love biking, karting, playing volleyball and basketball.

** Courtesy of PoolDawg **

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