Sunday, October 12, 2008

An Accident In The Kitchen

Today there was an accident at home. I was at the kitchen when suddenly the lid of the pressure cooker just blew off. It was the first time it ever happened. I was getting something from the refrigerator when I heard a loud sound and felt the powerful surge of hot water. It just happened so fast. I remember screaming but I couldn't remember how I got out of the back screen door.

From outside I could see some smoke. The sudden burst of the pressure cooker created a haze in the kitchen.

Hubby and our household helper came rushing to my aid. I was shocked at first. I felt that my shirt was wet then I realized the scalding water hit me. I felt something stinging on my right arm and right side of my tummy. I hurriedly went upstairs to wash my body with water and I immediately applied liberal amount of Burn Ointment on the affected areas. My upper right arm and right side of my tummy had patches of red. It hurt when I applied the Burn Ointment.

When I replayed the accident in my mind, I realized I was still lucky because the door of the refrigerator shielded me. My burns could have been worse. I'm very grateful that my son, Yohan was far from the kitchen when that happened. He heard the loud burst and he was about to go to the kitchen but his Dad told him to stay where he was.

When Yohan saw the red marks on my skin he was so concerned. He asked me if it was a painful and I told him there was a little pain but it was nothing serious. I kissed him and told him that I was happy that he was safe.

The accident happened just before lunch. It's been hours already and the pain has subsided. The red marks on my arm has totally disappeared and the pain I felt previously on that area has disappeared. I have minor burns on my tummy and it still stings a little. I just reapplied some Burn Ointment a few minutes ago to relieve the pain. I don't think I have to go to the doctor anymore but I will continue to observe it until tomorrow.

Tip: Always keep some Burn Ointment (Benzocaine Boric Acid Eucalyptus) at home. It's good to have some first aid measures for minor burns.

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