Sunday, October 12, 2008

Highlights of Fall

I have always been intrigued by Fall season. My mom said that the distinctive features of Fall is the crisp air and the beautiful color changes in leaves. I find it amazing how the normally green leaves on trees turn various shades of red, orange and yellow. I have seen many beautiful photos of this magnificent autumn leaves.

Fall is a perfect time for many fun activities. One of them is going apple picking. My cousins enjoy apple picking. They love doing this activity just as the air gets crisp. I would love to experience this someday. I could imagine my hubby making apple pies using freshly picked apples.

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving Day but I like the thought behind this special occasion. I love seeing all kinds of Thanksgiving Day decorations online. I could tell how important this special day is to many people because of the amount of effort they do to make it very memorable.

Another thing I would love to experience is visiting a Pumpkin Patch. I'm sure my son would love to go to one.

I also like the stylish Fall Fashion I see online. Too see more check out Fall Fashion at Stylehive. I like seeing beautiful Fall wear.

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