Monday, July 07, 2008

Save Energy on Cleaning

Cleaning is not always an easy task. It involves a lot of effort. I love a clean house but I'm not too fond of doing the cleaning myself. I'm thankful we have household helpers who do most of the house cleaning for me.

Our household helper cleans the rest of the house but I always prefer to clean the master's bedroom. I like finding my things the way I left them so I prefer that I do my own room cleaning to make sure my things are left in order. I use the vacuum to clean many parts of the room like the wooden floor, screen, curtains, shelves and cabinets. I just change the nozzle of the vacuum depending on what area I'm cleaning.

The vacuum is a very helpful gadget in the house but it consumes a lot of energy. I noticed that when I use the vacuum daily, my electrical bill increases. Recent price hike in various goods and services have made an impact in our regular expenses. To cut down on electrical bills, I limit the use of the vacuum. Recently, I found out about the Dirt Devil. It is a revolutionary vacuum cleaner that saves on energy. Imagine faster charging and low energy consumption. The Dirt Devil uses 70% less electricity and charges 2x faster. It also happens to be to be Energy Star approved.


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