Friday, July 25, 2008

Providing Medical Equipment for the Poor

I remember watching a documentary program about the plight of poor families in a remote province in the country. They live far from the nearest hospital. They need to travel by boat across the island and travel some more by road before reaching the nearest small hospital. They don't even have a decent clinic at their island. When someone gets sick, they just rely only on herbal medicines for cure. I believe that herbal medicines are great in curing minor and ordinary illnesses but there are some situations that require proper medical assistance.

It is sad how some remote areas in the country don't have proper medical equipment. There is also a lack of medically trained people in some areas. This is probably one of the reasons behind the inferior quality of people's health in such places. It seems so alarming that some people do not have access to medical assistance when it is needed most. This is a great disadvantage.

Poor living conditions and difficult way of life are sad realities that we need to accept. However, there are still ways to help these people in need. Less fortunate people are in dire need of the government's assistant but sad to say they are not getting the help they deserve. I really admire the programs set up by various private and Non-Government Organizations dedicated in uplifting the health status of the poor people. These programs need a lot of capital and sometimes the resources are so limited. I believe that it is important to support health improvement programs. It would be wonderful if many people would share a small fraction of their earnings to help the funding of programs for good causes. Money accumulated for the programs can pave way to the purchase of used medical equipment. Second hand and refurbished medical equipment can be distributed to poor areas that need them the most.

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