Thursday, July 24, 2008

Impact of Prolong Computer Use

Many jobs nowadays require extensive hours in front of the computer. Long use of the computer is not good to the eyes. Prolong use of the computer can lead to eye strain. People with eye strain experience eye discomfort accompanied by headaches. The glare of the computer is a common cause of eye strain among computer users.

Not only working people experience visual strain. Kids of different ages experience visual fatigue due to long hours of computer use. Today's modern world has exposed kids as young as four years old to the world of the Internet. Online gaming is popular among children. The kids who spend too much time on the computer may experience headaches, constant rubbing of the eyes, dry eyes and blurry vision. Parents should be careful to monitor their children's use of the computer. Kids should learn the importance of resting their eyes to avoid deterioration of the quality of eyesight.

Today's generation shows an increase in the number of people with poor eyesight. Chances are it is related to the poor care of the eyes. There is a popular vision correction procedure called Lasik that can help improve the quality of eyesight using 1st-all laser technology. It is fast, easy and almost painless. Click here for more LASIK information.

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