Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fabulous Hair Extensions

I used to have long hair since grade school to college. I had long, straight, black hair for many years. I had my hair cropped short when I started working. I gave my hair to the salon and I was told that they will donate it to a place that makes wigs. like my short and easy to manage hair style but I admit I sometimes miss having long hair. I sometimes miss my long hair whenever I look at old photos.

Sometimes when I watch celebrities on television, I get surprised at how they manage to change their hair styles dramatically. I am truly amazed how they can have short hair one day and have long hair the following day. I know that they use hair extensions since it is not possible to grow long hair overnight. It just amazes me how natural their hair look. Human hair extensions are remarkable. They can make a girl have any hairstyle she wishes. I think it's fabulous that you can play with your look and reinvent yourself whenever you wish. It's fun and exciting just thinking about it. There are so many lovely clip in hair extensions to choose from. You can choose a particular hair color, length and style based on your personal preference.

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