Friday, July 25, 2008

Slight Fever and Sniffles

My enthusiasm about the weekend has been dampened because my son is not feeling well. Last night Yohan had a difficult time sleeping because his cough and colds were troubling him. I woke him up this morning as usual but while he was having breakfast I felt something odd. It turned out that he had a slight fever so I decided not to let him go to school today. I just called my fellow mom in school to give the weekend assignment to the driver of our school service so he could drop it off at my place.

This week I noticed that many of Yohan's classmates have common cough and colds. There's a great chance that Yohan got his condition from being exposed to them. I'm supposed to bring Yohan to the pediatrician tomorrow for his booster shot but I will have to reschedule it another time when Yohan has recovered from his condition.

I was watching Yohan while he was taking a nap this afternoon and I noticed his heavy breathing. I will nebulize him before sleeping to help ease his breathing. I hope that he will get better this weekend in time for school on Monday.

I wanted to join my PMN blog friends for dinner tonight but I couldn't leave the house knowing Yohan is not feeling well. I'm sure they understand. There's always another chance.

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