Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Lovely Hand Blown Glass

I remembering watching the movie, Sweet Home Alabama and I was mesmerized by the beautiful Hand Blown Glass that it featured in the film. I even saw a documentary featuring this very interesting art. Glass blowing is a marvelous thing to watch. It's fascinating watching an ordinary ball of molten or heated glass transform into a beautiful masterpiece. At first it's hard to tell what object will turn out but that's the fun thing about it. It's very exciting watching the artist blow air in the blow pipe and mold the glass in extremely hot temperature. Slowly the glass becomes a familiar shape. The thrill of seeing the glass evolve into something beautiful is a great experience.

I found out that there is an online art gallery featuring artistically crafted Hand Blown Glass pieces. The site features top glass blowing artists and their one of a kind masterpieces. Every item featured in the site is unique and signed by the artist themselves. The Hand Blown Glass pieces each comes with a certificate of authenticity from the studio. These Hand Blown Glass pieces are ideal as decorative pieces for your home. There are many beautiful designs and colors to choose from to suit your personal taste, style and preference.

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