Saturday, July 26, 2008

Make Your Place Safer

There is a need for more security measures nowadays because of the increasing number of crimes. Take for instance the theft that my friend witnessed at a coffee shop near her house. It was early in the afternoon and my friend went there with her 5-year old daughter for a light snack. She said everything seemed normal and she didn't notice anyone suspicious. She saw a guy leaving the coffee shop with a laptop in tow. She didn't pay any too much attention because it was normal for people to come in and out of the shop. After a minute or so she heard a loud shriek inside. A lady just stood up for a few seconds to get some condiments from the sidebar and when she went back to her table her laptop was gone. The man who just left the coffee shop turned out to be a thief but it was too late because according to witnesses, the said man was picked up by another guy riding a motorcycle. The coffee shop was not equipped with surveillance cameras so it was very difficult to identify the thief. It was an unfortunate incident.

Even homes are not safe from thieves. The increasing reports of house robbery can very alarming. In these times, safety should be among the top priorities of a family. It is a good idea to invest on quality security system like the 4 camera home surveillance system. This 4 channel home surveillance system can be conveniently installed in your own computer turning it into a digital video recorder.

Older types of surveillance systems are not dependable in terms of imaging because faces often appear pixelized. The great thing about the modern 4 camera security systems is its high resolution of 640x480. This will enable viewers to see clear and very detailed images, particularly faces of people caught on video.

Make your homes and business secure by investing on a dependable and quality security systems. Make your place safe from people with bad intentions.

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