Friday, June 29, 2007

Yohanism #11

At Jollibee Drive Thru:
(This happened today when we decided to buy Yohan his favorite chicken meal after his class.)

Drive Thru Attendant: Hi Sir. Welcome to Jollibee! What's your order?

1 Chickenjoy Kids Meal, 2 plain Jolly Twirl and 1 Rocky Road Brownie.

Drive Thru Attendant: What's the drink for the Jolly Kids Meal?

Jules: Sprite.

Drive Thru Attendant: Is that all sir?

Jules: I forgot, please add extra gravy.

Then from the back of the car, our little boy said

Yohan: And extra toy please.

The friendly drive thru attendant was so amused but we understand that she couldn't give Yohan an extra toy.

Incidentally, Yohan just completed all 4 Transformers from Jollibee and he's very happy. Jules promised that we'll watch the Transformers movie early next week. He bought a DVD of Transformers cartoons. I watched it with Yohan and I couldn't help singing the theme. It brought back happy memories of me and brother watching the Transformers on TV when we were young.

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