Monday, June 25, 2007


Dedicated to C

I felt sadness in my heart when I heard your voice on the other line. I'm sorry that your heart is broken. I never dreamed that you and J will part ways. I thought it was just a phase. You've gone through similar situations in the past but you always reconciled your differences. I cannot believe that you have gone separate ways for good.

I know you are hurting when J said goodbye. I know that we cannot bring back yesterday and wish everything will return the way they were. Perhaps God has a better plan for you and J. I hope that in time, the pain will go away. For now, I pray that you can start fresh and look forward in life. I know it will not be easy after nine years of being together but he has moved on and you should do the same. I just hope that we can always remain good friends even though you and J have come to a fork in the road. J may be part of my family, but you will always be special to me. I shall cherish the wonderful times we've spent together. I hope that our friendship will not fade in time. Take care C and may you find the right man for you someday. God bless.

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