Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Cabbage Patch that Never Was

When I was a young girl, I wanted to have one of those Cabbage Patch Kids (CPK). They became popular some time in the 80s. Their cute,chubby faces made them so appealing to kids. I love how each CPK doll was packaged with adoption papers, a birth certificate and list of tips on how to care for the "newborn."

I asked my parents for one but during that time they were not available in the Philippines. My classmates who had Cabbage Patch Kids got their dolls from the States. I think they were a little pricey for a doll at that time. I had the chance to play with CPK whenever some of my classmates brought their dolls in school.

Now that I'm older, I still find myself admiring CPK displayed in stores. There was a time I was almost tempted to buy one for myself. :)

Even though I didn't get the doll I wished for, my parents gave my brother and I wonderful toys. My favorite was my barbie doll collection. My brother had a cool collection of G.I. Joe and He-Man action figures.

Was there a toy(s) that you wanted as a child but never got?

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